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Riser Management

Blue Marble Communications is the single point of contact for the daily management and maintenance of all aspects of the vertical copper and fiber riser system and related spaces. Generally this system extends from the main telephone room to the telephone closets on each floor.

Blue Marble Communications’ Program Highlights:

  • Monitor access to all riser spaces
  • Experienced  technicians with a full complement of testing tools
  • 24/7 Service Center for all Tenant and Service Provider inquiries
  • Maintain database of  building infrastructure and pathways
  • Riser condition reporting, maintenance, and documentation

Riser manages building cable infrastructure such that tenants enjoy secure, efficient, and competitively neutral access to advanced telecommunications services.  Riser handles all day-to-day operations, including circuit assignment and delivery, and provides 24-hour customer support.

We continually monitor circuit capacity relative to demand, with consideration to new technology, to be certain that the building will always have connectivity available for tenant applications. The security and efficiency of a managed cable infrastructure provides tenants with faster, more reliable access to services at better prices.  Neutrality further enables fair and effective competition.

Our team brings decades of experience to each interaction with tenants and service providers, thus ensuring a level of service not found elsewhere.  Rapid delivery of advanced telecommunications services to tenants can be a competitive advantage for your building. 

Riser's management services may include:

  • Processing orders for circuit moves, adds, and changes
  • 24-hour technical and repair service
  • Billing and collections for circuit use
  • Providing user information to tenants, carriers, and contractors
  • Strategic planning for growth and new services
  • Developing and maintaining schematic drawings of cable systems and spaces

Because of our significant experience with ILEC/CLEC/IXC operations and telecommunications cabling in buildings, Riser Management Services functions as a highly effective manager of your cabling infrastructure.  Please contact us to discuss how we may improve the integrity of telecommunications services to your tenants.

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